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Which education for a socio-ecological transformation? Conference for activists, educators and researchers


International Youth Meeting Center Krzyzowa , - Krzyzowa, Polen

Kreisau-Initiative e.V.


What? The conference brings together actors of non-formal education, activists, researchers and other actors of transition from Germany, Greece and Poland. Together they shall share their knowledge,
exchange best-practice examples and discuss the question: Which education do we need for a socio-ecological transformation? The results of the conference shall be fed back into the participants' (educational) work.

Why? We believe there is need for a more democratic, solidary and sustainable way of living and doing business in Europe and the World, one that has overcome the growth paradigm and has a "good life for all" at its core. Education can play a vital role in this transformation process. However, how should non-formal (and formal) education be designed in order to contribute to a socio-ecological transformation? What are the values, contents and methods of such education? Which pedagogic and didactic tools have proved their worth?

How? We wish to work process-oriented and actively involve the participants. We would like to have a mix of theoretical input (key note speech), group work, and open space methods. In addition, there
will be an excursion and space for integration and conviviality.

Who? 36 educators, activists, researchers, practitioners from the field of de-growth and sustainable living from Germany, Greece and Poland.

Costs? There is a participation fee per person which includes full-board accommodation: Germany: 50 EUR, Greece: 20 EUR, Poland: 20 EUR

Additionally, participants receive a grant per person to cover their travel expenses: Germany: 80 EUR, Greece: 250 EUR, Poland: 50 EUR.

Shuttle Bus? Please note that there is the possibility of using a shuttle bus from Berlin to Krzyowa. It brings participants straight to the venue and is free of charge.

The participants are encouraged to reduce the ecological footprint of the event and are being asked to pool together and travel by bus or train, as far as possible. The organisers can assist with directions.

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Deutschland, Griechenland, Nachhaltige Entwicklung, Ökologie , Polen, Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung

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