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The current state of youth unemployment calls for active support of young people who need various types of guidance to overcome transition period from school to labour market. We are not pointing out just on high unemployment rates but also for other factors such as early school leavers, lack of resilience, lack of new skills for new jobs, un-ability to think critically and comprehensively.

The training course „Y Guides“ addresses these issues and offers space to equip youth workers with skills of coaching young people and monitoring and supporting their youth career guidance by enhancement of their resilience to facilitate their entrance in the labour market. Project is designed for sharing of best practises, will provide youth workers with knowledge of psychological coaching tools and in addition they can build new partnerships for future projects. Everything based on non-formal teaching techniques with support of trainers.

Then project will host 25 participants from 11 countries (Slovakia, Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Hungary) in charming small town Modra, Slovakia in March 2018.

Participants will have opportunity to practice through simulations, role plays, team building, getting to know each other, ice break games, plenary debates, theoretical inputs and many other activities which will be focused on learner learning path and peer to peer education.
During the training they will develop recommendations, new project ideas and applications within the Erasmus+ programme.

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