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Young Citizens & Society: Fostering Civic Participation


University of Strathclyde, McCance Building - Room MC303 , - Glasgow, Großbritannien

School of Education at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


This is the second, biennial Contemporary Childhood Conference.  It follows the first in 2014 and develops the theme of children's civic participation from that conference.  The conference will be international and interdisciplinary.

Citizenship and Civic Education take a range of forms, but the overall goal is to support children and young people’s participation in their immediate society and the wider world.  The UNCRC mandates the active participation of children in ‘all matters that concern them’ and has encouraged a global effort to include children and young people in discussion and decision-making.  From specified curricular programmes, to institutional structures, to adopting and practising participatory approaches, the realisation of this effort varies greatly.  The notion of the child citizen remains ill-defined, and in the context of the democratic deficit, declining voter turnout and rapid globalisation, the question of what a child citizen is and how best to foster their civic participation is becoming increasingly important.

All sessions will be open to all delegates.

Delegates will be responsible for securing their own meals and accommodation, although refreshments and lunch during the days will be provided.

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