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Young People and Mental Health: Prevention and Early Intervention in Europe


The Silken Berlaymont Hotel, - Brüssel, Belgien

Public Policy Exchange


According to the latest EU Youth Report, mental illnesses among young people are more common than ever in the European Union. An estimated 10-20% of young Europeans suffer from mental health illnesses, with one-fifth suffering from developmental, emotional and behavioural problems.

Failure to treat mental health disorders in children can have a devastating impact on their future, resulting in reduced job and life expectations. Appropriate measures of prevention and early intervention need to be implemented not only to reduce health costs but also to realise larger savings, such as improved educational outcomes and reduced unemployment and crime.

This timely international symposium provides an invaluable opportunity to explore the effectiveness of current policy measures at the EU level to ensure the positive mental health of children and young people, and raise awareness of prevention and early intervention. This symposium will discuss the vital role of health practitioners, as well as schools and parents in identifying warning signs for children and young people at high risk of mental health problems.

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