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Young People and Sexual Health in Europe: Improving Sexual Behaviours through Innovative Education and Engagement Strategies


The Silken Berlaymont Hotel, - Brüssel, Belgien

Public Policy Exchange


Sexual health and sexually transmitted infections remain a significant public health problem in Europe, with untreated STIs potentially leading to serious short and long-term consequences for individuals. Young people aged 16-25 are the most vulnerable, with chlamydia being the most widespread sexually transmitted infection in Europe. As such, there is a need for young people to find a positive and safe approach towards their sexual health, and measures need to be taken at the EU level to ensure the sexual well-being of young Europeans.

This timely international symposium will provide an invaluable opportunity for participants to examine current sexual health related challenges and assess the progress made so far in tackling sexual health issues among young people at an EU level. The symposium will allow delegates from all sectors to exchange ideas and share best practices in improving the sexual behaviours of all young people in Europe through the development of innovative education, engagement and awareness strategies.

Please complete and return the registration form at your earliest convenience in order to secure your delegate place(s). Please confirm the deadline with the organizer.

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Belgien, Europa , Gesundheit, Jugend, Kinder- und Jugendhilfe, Prävention, Sexualität

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