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The overall aim of the TC is to increase the awareness of personal and professional strengths and authenticity for 28 youth workers during a personal journey of self-discovery.

  • To support youth workers to become more aware of themselves, thus to enable them to make conscious choices and decisions that fit with their (professional) goals in life.
  • To provide youth workers with tools to support youth they work with through a similar process.
  • To raise the awareness of the market-value of young persons on the labour market by working on their self-confidence and empowering
  • To understand how our behaviour is influenced by our perception of ourselves and by how others see us.
  • To look how you can rely on powerless, inconvenient feelings and deal constructively with them.
  • To reflect on their own learning process by using the Key Competences from the Youth Pass.
  • To improve competencies for efficient access on labour market for youth workers

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Jugendarbeit, Spanien

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