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Youth at risk participation in decision making


, Berlin, Deutschland

Institute for Roma and Minorities Integration


At European level and in member countries young people at risk such as: migrants, refugees and minorities in terms of policy developing are described as groups who are” hard to reach” and to provide results in such policies is almost unexpected. Young people at risk face particular problems, especially when they are migrants from the "third world" or when they belong to communities which, due to historical or cultural factors, have their own subculture and traditions. They seem to be less accepted in the societies they live in, and are not given an equal voice. Youth migrants and young people at risk are still often not included or represented in mainstream policies, therefore their concerns and interests are not many times reflected in the decisions taken.

Moreover the 2015 Youth Report on the one hand pointed out the need to foster the social inclusion and participation of young migrants, and the quality of youth work in general, but also in particular with these groups of young people, on another hand.

The methodology is based on NFE methods: using manuals such as COMPASS(new edition); T-Kit-Social Inclusion etc. groups work, brainstorming, wall writing, association game, discussion, fish bowl, debate, case studies, drama, role playing, simulation, audiovisual techniques.

Aim and Objectives
The main aim of the project increasing the politicalband social participation of young people at risk and make their voice to be heard, by equipping the participants with tools and competences needed to involve them in the decision making process

Specific objectives:

  • Empower youth workers to reach young people at risk such as: migrants, refugees and minorities to represent their interests in policies of their interest: integration, discrimination, employment, education, and involvement in the decision-making process;
  • Equip youth workers, decision makers and young people at risk with knowledge and good practices from the fields of youth work, youth policies and institutions dealing with their engagement in decision making
  • Support the cross sectoral cooperation and build the know how in participation in decision making of young people at risk
  • To raise awareness of the importance of intercultural learning within young people at risk and develop participants’ competences to work in intercultural environments

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