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Youth Empowerment and Participation


, - Dilijan, Armenien

European Intercultural Forum e.V.


In today's society many young people tend to feel marginalised and unable to find their place. It is therefore very important that adults, in particular, youth workers and youth leaders encourage young people so that they can realise their capabilities and be actively involved within society. Youth participation and empowerment have indeed become  very  important issues in youth work and youth policy. Importance on these areas has also been given in the Erasmus+ programme since youth participation is emphasized as a precondition or active citizenship. Undoubtedly, a very important technique that can be utilised by youth leaders and youth workers to increase the participation of young people within the community/society is empowerment through coaching. These issues will be tackled in this training course.

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Armenien , Empowerment, Jugend, Partizipation

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