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Youth Subcultures, Worldviews and Lifestyles


, - Kaunas, Litauen

Center for Cultural Studies, Vytautas Magnus University


This international conference is exploring various aspects of youth subcultures in real and virtual spaces.

The conference welcomes both empirical and theoretical contributions from various disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary approaches towards the study on youth subcultures. Of particular interest are those that combine perspectives and methods drawn from all social sciences and humanities on present and newly emerging approaches towards conceptions, expressions and representations, as well as research methods, issues and problems, and some directions in studies of this phenomenon.

Researchers, using digital tools for collecting, analysing or displaying data are invited to share their expertise. Scholars from diverse disciplines are invited to contribute to studies of the role and expressions of the phenomenon of subcultures, in this way enriching its academic understandings. Early career researchers and students are encouraged to participate.

Participation fee: 50 Euros (for students 25 Euros).
Travel and accommodation to attend the Conference will be at the attendee’s expense.

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Jugend, Kultur, Litauen

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