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IJAB Facts and Figures (March 2014)

Established:  In 1967 under the name 'Internationaler Jugendaustausch‐ und Besucherdienst der Bundesrepublik Deutschland'
Legal status: Registered society (since 1971)
Renamed: In 2007 as 'IJAB - International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany'
Member organisations:36 public-sector and independent child and youth services organisations across Germany
Chairman:Lothar Harles
Director:Marie‐Luise Dreber
Number of staff:97
Registered office:Bonn
Main areas of work:- International and European youth policy cooperation
- Promotion of child and youth services
- Advancement of international youth work
- Promotion of cross-border mobility
Publications:- IJAB journal (a six-monthly publication)
- Forum Jugendarbeit International (specialist series)
- Manuals; publications to promote youth mobility
- Documentation packs; various books and brochures, Newsletters (every two weeks)
Websites: Main IJAB site International youth work database,, www.wege‐ins‐
Mobility counselling for young people and multipliers
www.jive‐ A youth policy initiative to promote education and participation Portal for child and youth services experts‐ Slides on child and youth services in Germany (in eight languages)
www.nachweise‐ A documentation system for skills acquired in non-formal settings Digital youth education
Affiliated organisationsJUGEND für Europa - The German Agency for the EU programme Youth in Action (part of Erasmus+):

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