Director's Office

Public Relations Unit
The Public Relations Unit is responsible for internal and external communication, manages IJAB's PR activities, publishes documents and reports, coordinates all website updates and organises expert conferences and events.

Administrative and Central Services (Department 1)
Sections: Financial Affairs, HR, General Administration, IT.

Information on International Youth Work and Youth Policy (Department 2)
The responsibilities of Department 2 include monitoring child and youth services and child and youth policy (national and international), compiling information for child and youth services/child and youth policy organisations (national and international) and providing mobility counselling for young people and experts.

International Youth Policy Cooperation (Department 3)
Department 3 is responsible for youth policy cooperation in specific thematic areas and with certain countries. This involves preparing, managing and debriefing multilateral cooperation projects and expert programmes, providing language training for experts and managerial staff working in child and youth services, and supporting the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth in its youth policy cooperation schemes with partner countries.

Professionalisation and Advancement of International Youth Work (Department 4)
The responsibilities of Department 4 include providing training for experts and organisations working in the international youth work field, developing high-quality international youth work formats and activities, and promoting (the recognition of) non-formal learning achievements gained in international youth work settings.

Organisational diagram (German only, pdf file, last updated: 31 December 2017)

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