DIJA.de makes international youth work projects easy!

DIJA.de, an information portal, is aimed at experts and multipliers who are active, or wish to become active, in the field of international youth work. DIJA.de offers a broad range of information and practical tips for international exchanges and activities.

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It includes:

  • information on the general background and structures relating to child and youth services in the individual countries as well as recommended articles, links and useful addresses;
  • good practice examples from international youth work with brief descriptions, sources of funding and contact names;
  • brief profiles and addresses of national and regional organisations and institutions that provide advice on international youth work, establish contact between interested partners, provide funding and support, or are active in the field themselves;

  • useful tips and advice on organising international exchanges, specifically:

    • sources of funding,
    • a preparation and organisation manual,
    • suggested methods,
    • and information on how to navigate the subject of religion;

  • and a list of events and training courses relating to international youth work plus an option to set up an alert once interesting new events are uploaded.

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