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Eurodesk is a European information network with coordination offices in 34 countries and more than 1,000 local service units. Eurodesk Germany works with over 40 partners across the country. The network aims to make it easier for young people and youth work multipliers to gain access to Europe.

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Eurodesk provides experts who work with young people with information on national and European support programmes that relate to Europe, youth, mobility, education, culture and sports.

It advises young people on ways to go abroad, for instance with volunteer projects, international youth exchanges, jobs and internships, foreign high school stays or au pair programmes. Strong emphasis is laid on providing information and advice to young people and multipliers on the EU programme Erasmus+ Youth in Action.

Eurodesk is also responsible for the German-language content of the European Youth Portal.

As Eurodesk receives financial support from the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and Erasmus+, its services are free of charge, unbiased, and provided across all organisations.


>> European Youth Portal

>> Eurodesk information on Fachkräfteportal der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe

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Stephanie Bindzus

Learning by Leaving Conference 2018: Shaping the future of European mobility networks

The 2018 Learning by Leaving conference brought together more than a hundred mobility experts from all over Europe who met in Cologne, Germany to share their extensive knowledge and expertise – and use their passion, creativity and great sense of humour to shape the future of European mobility networks. The key is as simple as it is effective: get to know each other, share best practices, and use existing foundations to build something new together. [read more]

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Celebrating 20 years of eurodesk Germany: More than 500,000 young people advised on going abroad

This year, eurodesk Germany looks back on 20 years of advising young people on mobility opportunities abroad – reason enough to reflect on its successes and take a look ahead at things to come. In an interview with, the eurodesk team talk about what kind of advice and information they provide, the quality of their services and other prospects on the horizon. [read more]

Bob Payne and Alekos Tsolakis: Eurodesk’s founding fathers at the 2015 Summit in Brussels
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Christian Herrmann

Celebrating 25 years of Eurodesk mobility information: Continued focus on the future

Eurodesk, the European mobility information network, was founded in Edinburgh 25 years ago. Once a regional Scottish project, the network now has coordination offices in 34 countries and runs more than 1,200 local service units. Participants were in a celebratory mood at the Eurodesk Summit in Brussels, but it was also time to reflect upon new challenges. [read more]

Reinhard Schwalbach

Eurodesk Spain: Evaluation and planning – ready for 2015!

From 19 to 21 November 2014, the Spanish Eurodesk network met at CEULAJ (the Euro-Latin American Centre for Youth) in Molina. CEULAJ is the central residential training centre for young people of INJUVE, the Spanish Youth Institute. Eurodesk innovations and plans for 2015 were introduced and there was critical discussion of last year's work. [read more]

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Reinhard Schwalbach

Eurodesk Europe: advice and discussion on the parameters of future work

The Eurodesk Europe Network meeting took place in Riccione, Italy, from 6 to 9 November 2014 and, 10 months after the start of the European Erasmus+ Programme, decided on the parameters for the coming years. The Eurodesk Network is an information and advisory structure in the field of youth mobility, funded by Erasmus+. The Eurodesk General Assembly was held at the same time. [read more]

Reinhard Schwalbach

Time to Move – Eurodesk-Network gets acquainted with new online tools

At this year's European seminar for Eurodesk's local and regional multipliers, effective dissemination of information and the possibilities offered by the Youth Guarantee were discussed with representatives of the European Youth Forum and the EU Commission. From 13 to 16 October, new online tools and advisory services were considered in Brussels. [read more]

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