Support for Innovation Fund Projects

Under the provisions of the Child and Youth Plan (KJP) of the Federation, the Innovation Fund in the field of international youth work provides funding for bilateral or multilateral measures for developing, trialling, and supporting those concepts of international youth work that contribute to the recognition of international youth work as non-formal education, and strengthening the profile of non-formal and informal learning. 

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Objectives include:

  • increasing the visibility of non-formal and informal learning, for example, for cooperation partners from the field of formal education;
  • finding new cooperation partners to broaden recognition for competencies acquired by international youth exchange, for example, in industry, media, and employment agencies;
  • contributing to reducing the impact of educational disadvantage by emphasizing the relevance within international youth work of non-formal and informal education for young people with individual deficits or social disadvantages.

All the projects are to be based on the general principles of independent youth policy. In all projects, the interests of young people take top priority:

  • The projects are to be approached from the perspective of young people and are to be planned and implemented with young people as full participants.
  • A good participatory approach makes young people realize that, with the project, they can achieve a lasting change or make a real difference.
  • The projects are intended to support and further the immediate influence young people can have on shaping their living environment.
  • In addition to participants from child and youth services, all projects incorporate other contributing partners from schools, politics, administration, industry, and civic society.

Support by IJAB

IJAB will support the designated projects throughout their duration from 2014 to 2016. The objective is to promote peer exchanges between the participants, facilitate networking, and provide a framework for identifying the projects' innovative aspects, checking their transferability, and developing them for use within the field of international youth work. Four central building blocks make up a service unit designed to support and advise project participants, facilitate mutual exchange, and simultaneously make results and experiences from these projects available to the professional public at large. 

These building blocks are:

  1. Centralized events
  2. Advisory and training activities
  3. Journalistic support and documentation
  4. Youth participation as an intrinsic part of each project

The contribution of international youth work to the development of an independent youth policy will be presented and made evident by a final report, journalistic documentation, and a youth participation project. 

BildImage: Christian Herrmann

Christian Herrmann

Youth BarCamp: International youth work needs visibility and recognition

Young people who participated in international projects financed by the Federal Government's Child and Youth Plan innovation fund and provided media coverage of these projects came together for a BarCamp in Berlin to take stock. They call for greater recognition in politics and society and a more positive image for young people. [read more]

The participants divided into working groups to discuss the issue of stronger recognition of non-formal education.
BildImage: Dr. Dirk Hänisch   Lizenz: INT 3.0 – Namensnennung – nicht kommerziell – Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Dr. Dirk Hänisch

On Their Way: 13 International Youth Work Innovation Fund Projects – Launch Event Offered First Orientation

By invitation of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ), some 30 representatives of international projects to be supported over the next two years by the Innovation Fund within the Child and Youth Plan of the Federation (KJP) met on 29 September 2014. Under discussion were general conditions and support programmes as well as a mutual professional concern: greater recognition of international youth work as a provider of non-formal education. [read more]

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