JiVE. Youth Work International – Experiencing Diversity

Full participation for all young people, regardless of their social or ethnic background, and greater intercultural tolerance within German society and social institutions are important challenges on the way to creating a viable society. IJAB's youth policy initiative JiVE is working with partners in public institutions, independent organisations and foundations to fulfil this objective through international youth work activities.


International youth work? It works!

The research project that accompanied the pilot project JiVE. Youth Work International - Experiencing Diversity (2008-2010) provided scientific proof that participating in international youth work projects is exceptionally promising in terms of promoting young people's personal development. In addition, international youth work helps them to develop social and intercultural skills, which are increasingly valuable both in the professional world and in society at large, where cultural diversity plays an ever greater role.

International programmes offer similar benefits to experts, too. Interacting and working with colleagues from other countries extends their personal and professional horizons and sharpens their intercultural awareness. The dialogue also encourages greater intercultural diversity within organisations and institutions working in child and youth services and strengthens their European and international outlook.

JiVE helps create more equal opportunities

Since 2011, the youth policy initiative JiVE has been working with a wide range of partners to create a more equal playing field, with all partners aiming to open up international youth work activities and projects to all young people, including those who are currently out of reach. The period 2015 to 2017 will focus on the following objectives:

  • To popularise international youth work and its capacity for promoting personal development and integration, and to open it up to all young people. In particular, cross-border mobility projects should be made accessible for target groups that are currently difficult to reach;
  • To sharpen the profile of international youth work as a non-formal educational instrument and to advocate the political and social recognition of international youth work formats;
  • To contribute towards the continued development, Europeanisation and internationalisation of child and youth services in Germany;
  • To encourage and qualify experts to become active in international youth work.

The JiVE sub-initiatives for 2015 to 2017

At the heart of the JiVE initiative, which is coordinated by IJAB, are its sub-initiatives, each of which are implemented by various partners:

  • Kommune goes International - IJAB
    This nationwide initiative prepares the ground - both structurally and politically - for establishing international youth work at the local level and helps to open it up to all young people, especially those who are currently disproportionately underrepresented. It also seeks to promote network-building at the local and regional levels. Following its successful initial phase (2011-2014), the newly created nationwide network will be further expanded. Another major element is the training to be given to experts so they can engage competently in international youth work.

  • AG International mobil zum Beruf – aktuelles forum e.V.
    This nationwide working group aims to integrate international mobility as a firm element in all vocational training, employment policy and youth work programmes. It will also describe the prerequisites that must be put in place for this to happen, in order to contribute towards quality assurance at the practical level.
    This nationwide project serves to adapt and develop international youth work activities to reflect current needs, with the aid of a planning tool for child and youth services known as "Jugendhilfeplanung". Models for analysing existing and required services will be developed in six participating local authorities. The project runs from 2014 to 2016.

  • Multilateral cooperation project "Vielfalt erleben – Lernmobilität erleben" ("Experiencing diversity - Strengthening learning mobility") - JUGEND für Europa/IJAB
    The aim is to establish a professional youth policy dialogue that is expected to generate input for the continued development of youth policy in theory and practice in the participating partner countries and at EU level. Priority is given to learning mobility for currently underrepresented target groups and to diversity-centred approaches. The project will enable an international debate on the core issues relating to JiVE and will run from 2016 to 2018.
  • Jugendsozialarbeit macht mobil (Kooperationsverbund Jugendsozialarbeit)
    This sub-initiative aims to enable young people with fewer opportunities to spend a period abroad and thus to ease their transition into working life. Based on the outcomes of the previous project phase, the experiences and insights gained will be communicated to a wider expert audience and translated into practice. Cooperation with employers and private-sector enterprises will be strengthened.
  • Mach mit! Jugendmobilität zwischen Deutschland und der Türkei (Come aboard! Youth mobility between Germany and Turkeyrning mobility) - Deutsch-Türkische Jugendbrücke
    The innovative model projects of this sub-initiative are aimed predominantly at young people aged 12 to 30 with fewer opportunities, young people who live in remote areas, and youth work experts who work in structurally underserved regions. In addition, the sub-initiative is in the course of establishing other model projects to reach out to new target groups.
  • SPORTIVE - Sports Youth Work International
    Established some time ago, this sub-initiative continues to create stronger links between diversity and participation on the one hand and international perspectives on the other, raising more awareness of this subject area in the process. The materials it creates are designed specifically with various target groups in mind. Communication with the sponsors of the sub-initiative is strengthened. The network that exists in this field is to be further strengthened by instituting a dialogue with young immigrants' community organisations and local authority partners. Finally, the sub-initiative seeks to develop strategic approaches towards more inclusion in sports and to design its own inclusive activities in the field of Olympic sports.

These sub-initiatives are connected through a joint strategy group. The JiVE strategy group receives technical support from transfer e.V., an organisation that has worked with JiVE since 2008 on InterKulturell on Tour (2008-2010) and Interkulturell goes On (2011-2014). Support also comes from researchers and practitioners as well as from the DiVE network, which is the result of a previous sub-initiative on diversity-aware international youth work (2011-2014).

For more information, go to www.jive-international.de

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