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IJAB Language Services is responsible for managing the specialist terminology used in the child and youth work community in Germany and abroad, which contributes towards improving language, technical and intercultural skills in this field. In other words, they are the experts when it comes to foreign language communication!


Language Services can help to find interpreters and translators and organises interpretation services and equipment for expert programmes, conferences and other meetings. It also advises users on the correct use of specialist terminology and offers glossaries of child and youth services terms in over ten languages.


The glossaries each contain around 200 commonly used specialist terms from the youth work, youth social work and child and youth services fields that are typically not listed in a regular dictionary. In the column on the right-hand side of this page is a list of foreign language glossaries that we offer, each with a direct link to the downloadable version or an order button.

German-Turkish dictionary on youth education and project work

IJAB has teamed up with ethnologist and Turkologist Caroline Thon to produce a downloadable German-Turkish/Turkish-German dictionary of terms relating to youth education and project work. It has been released for non-commercial use and adaptation. >>> Download

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