Nachweise International

Nachweise International is a scheme that documents young people's participation in and contribution to international exchange projects, as well as the skills they acquire in the process.

Jugendliche arbeiten am Strand
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The documentation shows what young people did during the exchange and what they learnt. The scheme provides a clear picture of their experiences, skills and abilities and can be used for job application purposes.

International youth work provides a highly diverse range of settings in which young people can discover their talents, acquire new skills and explore new aspects of human interaction. Every year several thousands of young people participate in non-formal international youth work activities, volunteer projects, internships, work placements and much more. For maybe the first time in their lives, they explore their own (cultural) identities and backgrounds and see the world through the eyes of others. For participants in international exchanges, this is an intercultural learning experience in the best sense of the word.

They acquire linguistic, intercultural and social skills that are immensely valuable for their professional and personal development. In many cases the young participants are not even aware of having acquired them, since they are developed not in formal, "taught" settings, but in non-formal situations. What's more, these key skills are increasingly regarded as crucial to successful participation in society and in the professional world. 

This is where the Nachweise International scheme comes into play, which is an attractive way to document young people's participation, contributions and acquired skills.


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