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Christian Herrmann

Exchange with North Africa: Engaging in dialogue, building networks

Since the Arab Spring North Africa is a changed region – with a broader horizon for youth and expert exchanges. Guided by the motto “Dialogue Me To Network”, a conference was held in Tunis between 8 and 11 December 2017 for stakeholders from Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Germany to discuss how dialogue can be stabilised and expanded. It was a look back, but equally a look ahead. [read more]

Kinderhände halten einen Globus
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Stephanie Bindzus

Conference to mark the 50th anniversary of IJAB: Encounters. Change. Renewal. Challenges and opportunities for international youth work in a globalised world

Globalisation and rapid digitalisation are changing the way we live. Faced with financial crises, isolationist tendencies and the UK’s impending departure from the European Union, the EU is struggling to maintain its integrity. Democratic structures are being thrown into question.These changes have a direct impact on the lives of young people in Germany, Europe and around the world. At this specialist conference, participants will focus on current issues and explore new ways for youth policy cooperation and the international youth work community to approach these challenges. Register now! [read more]

Lothar Harles, Chairma of IJAB and Marie-Luise Dreber, Director of IJAB
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50 years of IJAB – 50 years of international dialogue and cooperation

IJAB was established in 1967 as a nationwide organisation for international cooperation in the youth work and youth policy field. The chief motivation for this was reconciliation and understanding, an urgent necessity after World War II, along the wish to stimulate curiosity, a sense of adventure and an interest in the world beyond Germany’s borders. Half a century later, the international youth work community is facing a set of quite different challenges. We live in a globally connected world without physical or virtual borders, and are confronted with a rise in nationalism and isolationism. IJAB is responding to these trends with a long-term European and international approach that allows young people to grow up to become true citizens of Europe and the world. [read more]

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Christian Herrmann

Youth exchange schemes with North Africa need stability, sustainability and long-term prospects

Around 40 international youth work experts from Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Germany convened in Bonn from 28 to 30 November 2015 to review the progress of the joint projects begun as part of the “transformation partnerships” initiated by the Federal Foreign Office. At the conference, they shared their experiences and made proposals for the future course of the youth and expert exchange schemes between Germany and North Africa. [read more]

State Secretary Dr. Ralf Kleindiek with participants at the J7 Youth Summit
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Christian Herrmann

A memorable experience

The J7 Youth Summit came to an end in Berlin on 13 May. Over the course of a week, young delegates from the G7 member states, the European Union and guests from developing and emerging countries prepared a position paper on the key issues of the G7 Summit. State Secretary Dr. Ralf Kleindiek said goodbye to participants on Wednesday. [read more]

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Christian Herrmann

"We can only shape youth policy with your help"

The J7 Youth Summit was launched in Berlin on 7 May. Young people from all over the world have gathered to discuss topics on the G7 Summit agenda and formulate in a position paper what they expect of the decisions of the heads of state of the major industrial nations. The young delegates were satisfied with the results of the first day. [read more]

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Tanja Voelker

Quo vadis Egyptian youth? Status and perspective of youth work in Egypt four years after the revolution

Since the revolution in Egypt, we carefully monitor young Arabic people in their search for social participation and democratic decision-making. In the wake of bloody mass demonstrations, young Egyptians are fighting for political change and new opportunities. IJAB invited German youth work representatives to travel to Cairo on a study visit from 1 to 6 November in order to see for themselves what the current state of development was in the youth sector, and to also establish contacts for future cooperation. [read more]

deutsche und griechische Fahne
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Christian Herrmann

German-Greek Youth Forum became a project think tank

By invitation of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) and IJAB, civil society organisations from Germany and Greece met up in Bad Honnef from 3 to 6 November to develop project ideas within the German-Greek youth exchange programme. After a rather restrained start, the meeting developed an amazing momentum - a breath of fresh air for the German-Greek youth exchange, laying the foundations for a future German-Greek Youth Office. [read more]

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Jennifer Mösenfechtel

There Are Still Blocks Inside My Own Head...

Within the context of the "Innovationsforum Jugend global" (Innovations Forum Global Youth), several of the participating organisations broached the subject of being confronted with issues concerning right-wing extremism and racism during the course of their work and how, when dealing with these issues, they feel that they come up against their own limits. With this in mind, IJAB hosted the "Rechtsextremismus und Rassismus als Themen in der Internationalen Jugendarbeit" (Right-Wing Extremism and Racism as Issues within International Youth Work) seminar in Frankfurt on September 24 and 25. [read more]

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