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Youth mobility study MOVE influences international youth work in practice

Representatives of the University of Hildesheim and IJAB met on 15 March 2019 at IJAB’s offices in Bonn to discuss the outcomes of the European MOVE study and its impact on international youth work as well as further cooperation over the next few years.

Reinhard Schwalbach, Daniel Poli, Marie-Luise Dreber, Andreas Herz, Regina Pfeifer, Professor Wolfgang Schroer, Agnetha Bartels BildImage: Susanne Klinzing

The outcomes of the three-year European study MOVE were presented in 2018 at a final conference at the University of Luxembourg, which coordinated the study. Funded under the Horizon 2020/Youth research programme, MOVE involved nine research institutions in six countries. Germany was represented by the German Youth Institute in Halle and the Institute for Social and Organisational Pedagogy at the University of Hildesheim, led by Professor Wolfgang Schroer.

Many of MOVE’s recommendations concern the continued development of funding programmes, socio-economic differences in sending and receiving countries, and the provision of information, advice and support to young people.

In Bonn, the guests from the University of Hildesheim were welcomed by IJAB’s Director Marie-Luise Dreber. IJAB had previously suggested discussing the outcomes of the study and, provided both sides showed an interest, to find ways to sit down and talk about the recommendations for further development and how to jointly apply the insights to the field of international youth work.

First, the group adopted a roadmap for comparing the resulting data and breaking it down by target group, type of activity and circumstances in the respective countries. They also agreed to continue sharing data sources and statistics and to meet again to discuss that information. Finally, a project will be designed to further analyse and digest the data, with a follow-up meeting already scheduled.

Professor Schroer, who was recently elected Chairman of the Federal Youth Board (BJK) and Marie-Luise Dreber, also a BJK member, emphasised their interest in creating a stronger international profile for child and youth services at the level of the BJK, Germany’s highest-level advisory body for child and youth policy.

Information on the MOVE study:

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