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Stephanie Bindzus

Conference on current political developments and their impact on international youth work – Successful kickoff to IJAB anniversary event series

Rising nationalism, Brexit, Euroskepticism, Trump – these political developments are having tangible impacts on youth exchanges, too. What is the right response to racism expressed during youth exchanges or to xenophobia? What if discussing politics is taboo in the host country? What can be done to prevent exchanges being cancelled for fear of terrorist attacks in Germany or elsewhere? These questions were tackled at a conference on 22 February 2017 in Berlin. The event kicked off a year-long series of IJAB anniversary events on current issues in international youth work. [read more]

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Stephanie Bindzus

Mainstreaming international youth work – A conversation with parliamentarians

Learning tolerance, curbing nationalism, creating an enthusiasm for Europe – that’s European and international youth work in a nutshell. And today, it’s more topical than ever. The hosts of this year’s Parliamentary Breakfast appealed to the participating parliamentarians to make full use of the community’s expertise and to mainstream international youth work in all areas of policy – which, incidentally, requires adequate funding. [read more]

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Stephanie Bindzus

“Social skills are just as important as maths and chemistry”

Young people transitioning from school to vocational training and professional life were the focus of this year’s Parliamentary Evening for International Youth Work, which took place in Berlin on 5 November 2015. Participants at the evening’s discussion forums discussed how young people can benefit from international youth work as they undergo profound changes in their lives, how to achieve more widespread acceptance of non-formal education, and what it would take to enable more youth exchanges. [read more]

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Reinhard Schwalbach

International Youth Policy Dialogue launched – Senior youth policy professionals from ten different countries gather in Berlin

At the invitation of the Director of IJAB, Marie-Luise Dreber, thirteen senior youth policy experts from major national institutions involved in youth work have launched a dialogue on current issues in youth policy and youth work. From 9 to 11 September 2015, experts representing Estonia, Finland, Slovakia, Portugal, Sweden, Flanders (Belgium), Wales and Scotland (UK), Germany and Japan as well as the EU-CoE youth partnership convened in Berlin. [read more]

In Berlin, the delegation met with representatives of the Franco-German and German-Polish Youth Offices and the Coordination Centre for German-Czech Youth Exchanges
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Christian Herrmann

Youth office of the Western Balkans could bring region’s youth closer together

The Franco-German Youth Office’s role in promoting reconciliation and international understanding could be replicated in the Western Balkans, too. Between 29 June and 4 July representatives of ministries and youth organisations from Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania travelled to Paris, Berlin and Vienna to learn how youth offices function and how much of their work is transferrable to the situation in the Balkans. [read more]

Caren Marks, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Family Affairs, also took part in the discussion.
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Stephanie Bindzus

Parliamentary Breakfast on International Youth Work addresses removal of mobility barriers

Cuts in social benefits for young people with disabilities during long-term stays abroad, nearly insurmountable bureaucratic hurdles when applying for visas – in spite of improved overall conditions, international youth exchanges still face numerous challenges. On 21 May in Berlin, heads of bilateral youth offices and coordination centres, IJAB and JUGEND für Europa, and members of the German Bundestag discussed existing obstacles and possible solutions. [read more]

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Christian Herrmann

"We can only shape youth policy with your help"

The J7 Youth Summit was launched in Berlin on 7 May. Young people from all over the world have gathered to discuss topics on the G7 Summit agenda and formulate in a position paper what they expect of the decisions of the heads of state of the major industrial nations. The young delegates were satisfied with the results of the first day. [read more]

Cathrin Piesche

Time to act! International youth summit J7 to take place from 6 to 14 May 2015 in Berlin / Meeting with Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel

In June Germany will host this year’s G7 Summit, during which the heads of state and government of the seven leading industrialised nations will discuss pressing global political issues. However, before the world’s most powerful political leaders arrive in Germany, it’s the younger generation’s turn. On the initiative of Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) and UNICEF Germany are inviting young delegates to come to Berlin from 6 to 14 May 2015 to attend the international J7 Youth Summit. BMFSFJ has commissioned IJAB, the International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany, to organise the event. J7 officially forms part of the dialogue with civil society that itself is part of the G7 Summit in early June in Schloss Elmau, southern Germany. [read more]

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Christian Herrmann

"We Need More Open Space"

Three projects, three years of project work. On 3 and 4 December in Berlin, together with 200 visitors and under the heading "medial. vernetzt. aktiv. Jugendbeteiligung in der digitalen Gesellschaft" ("media. networking. activity. Youth participation in the digital society"), the projects youthpart, youthpart #lokal, and peer3 looked back on their past activities and at the same time dared to glance into the future of this brand-new field of operation. [read more]

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