Call for trainers aged 18-25 for an international team in an international seminar

Are you aged 18-25? Do you want to get more active in the educational work of IFM-SEI? Do you have experience working on the topics of populism, racism, islamophobia or anti-Semitism?

The International Falcon Movement-Socialst Educational International (IFM-SEI) is looking for enthusiastic, motivated and experienced trainers to join an international team for our upcoming study session in partnership with the youth department of the Council of Europe. The seminar will be a 101 seminar for young people aged 16-21.

Seminar Info:

Aim: Foster a critical awareness in young people with regards to racism, islamophobia, anti-Semitism and the rise of populism, and come up with tools to tackle these forms of discrimination in their own communities and organisations.


  1. Reflect on structural discrimination and root causes of racism from the intersectional approach
  2. Analyse the rise of populism and consequences it has on young people marginalised because of their ethnicity, race, religion and geographical background
  3. Analyse the effects of racism as a threat to social inclusion and active citizenship and participation in democracy, and come up with ideas about how to overcome these threats
  4. Increase the understanding of human rights, offer tools about how to analyse and challenge human rights violations, and introduce key human rights declarations and conventions
  5. Increased the understanding of Council of Europe and its work on challenging racial and religious based discrimination
  6. Reflect on how racism, islamophobia and anti-Semitism manifests in our own organisations and how to tackle this within our own movements
  7. Share good practice examples of movements, initiatives and activist groups tackling racism,islamophobia and anti-Semitism
  8. Create localised action plans to tackle race or religion based discrimination and promote the inclusion and solidarity of young people from different backgrounds in local communities

Where and when: European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, on 22-27 October 2018 (excluding travel days)

Who: The opportunity is open to IFM-SEI members aged 18-25 from Europe or the Middle East.

For more information about the role of the trainers please check the IFM-website.

Source: International Falcon Movement

Posted by: Kerstin Wondratschek

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