"Children, Young People, and Participation" issued

"Children, Young People, and Participation" issued
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The paper "Children, Young People, and Participation" considers the relevance of traditional participation models and theories at a time where young people have the ability to be heard and realize change in a way that bypasses formal organizations.

With the massive growth in the number of structures, policies and focus on youth, alongside street protests in cities across the world, young people’s participation and activism is in the spotlight. For example, in the same years that we had various high-level formal youth conferences (UNESCO Youth Forum, 2013), World Bank Youth Summit, 2013, 2014), (World Youth Conference, Mexico, 2010, Colombo, 2014), we also saw student protests in the United Kingdom against a tuition fee hike (2010), similar student protests in Chile (2011-2013), the student-led democracy movement in Hong Kong (2014), not to mention the wave of youth protests throughout the Middle East since 2010, that have transformed the region.

The paper explores the absence of power in formal processes of participation. The wave of social uprisings and civil unrest has demonstrated young people’s willingness to confront powerful regimes and institutions ― even against the threat of police brutality, sexual abuse, and violence. Their precarious activism sits uncomfortably alongside the rhetoric of youth participation through events, structures and processes.

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Posted by: Katrin Schauer

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