EU considers free InterRail tickets for all 18-year-olds

EU considers free InterRail tickets for all 18-year-olds
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Every 18-year-old could get the chance to travel across the continent by train for free under the InterRail scheme.

The European Commission is ready to consider handing out free InterRail tickets to all young Europeans when they turn 18, picking up on a proposal made by members of the European Parliament in an attempt to counter the wave of euroscepticism spreading across the continent.

Under the initiative all EU citizens or legally residing individuals would receive a pass as soon as they turned 18, which they can use to travel the vast railway network connecting most major cities throughout the continent.

The current transport commissioner Violeta Bulc, a Slovenia politician who has served in the position since 2014, described it as an “excellent idea”.

Bulc even suggested launching a competition for every youngster under 25 “with a substantial prize for the best new concrete ideas for youth mobility”.

Read the Statement by Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc on InterRail tickets for young people on:

Source: European Commission

Posted by: Katrin Schauer

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