EU publication: Mobility of young volunteers across Europe

EU publication: Mobility of young volunteers across Europe
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The main aim of the study ‘Mobility of Young Volunteers across Europe’ was to review the conceptual and practical issues hindering the mobility of young volunteers across Europe.

The study was initiated as a result of the Opinion of the Committee of the Regions concerning the proposal for a Council Recommendation on the mobility of young volunteers across Europe’. The Committee highlighted that there was a lack of thorough research on volunteering that could supply the information needed to generate a new policy that would fit in well with the reality of youth volunteering in Europe.

Such research would have to examine the different systems and laws and regulations which exist in various Member States with regard to volunteering, the wishes of (potential) young volunteers and the obstacles they encounter, and the benefit of volunteering for the young volunteers as well as the region of origin and the host region. All of these themes are covered in the study.

Volunteering is a relatively under-researched topic, although interest in this area has grown in the last decades. Cross-border mobility of volunteers is especially difficult to analyse because of the lack of suitable data. The existing data is difficult to compare as the methods of defining voluntary activities and techniques used for collecting data on them differ greatly across the countries. This study is one of the few attempts to tackle this challenge.

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