EU Youth Conference in Amsterdam explores pressing issues for European youth

EU Youth Conference in Amsterdam explores pressing issues for European youth
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The Dutch Presidency of the Council, together with the Dutch National Youth Council, the European Commission and the European Youth Forum hosted the EU Youth Conference in Amsterdam on 4-7 April, bringing youth delegates and policy makers to the same table to discuss youth issues.

The aim of this EU Youth Conference was to explore the opportunities, obstacles and pressing issues for European youth to enable all young people to engage in a diverse, connected and inclusive Europe.

Over four days, youth delegates and policy-makers sat at the same table to identify the main challenges faced by young people to be fully engaged in an inclusive society. They issued a guiding framework, which was presented during the closing ceremony. (Read the full version of the guiding framework.)

The guiding framework will support the forthcoming consultations. After the conference, youth delegates will carry out widespread consultations with young people in their countries. The results of these consultations will be discussed in the next EU Youth Conference in Slovakia. To make this process a success, views and opinions of young people from various backgrounds must be represented.

For more information, see EU Youth Conference press release.


Posted by: Katrin Schauer

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