European Commission and African Union Commission step up their cooperation to support young people, jobs and peace

At the 9th high level meeting between the Commissions of the European Union and the African Union, both sides have adopted today concrete actions measures to address pressing global issues in key areas such as peace and security, migration, job creation and agriculture with special regard to youth.

These initiatives follow up on the commitments made at the 5th AU-EU Summit, which was held in November 2017 in Abidjan, notably deepening and expanding cooperation in science and technology; agribusiness and renewable energy, blue and green economy; skills and education; governance and election observation and peace and security.

€400 million to support continental and interregional development in Africa

In support of the Africa-EU Partnership, the EU has launched the second phase of the Pan-African Programme for an amount of €400 million (2018-2020). Projects at continental or interregional level in Africa will focus on three main strategic areas:

  1. It will boost the AU-EU political dialogue in areas of joint interest, including migration, and advocate for an effective system of good governance at pan-African level. For instance, initiatives will support the work of the AU institutions in the fields of human rights, election observation and on combatting corruption.
  2. Special focus will be given to enhancing young people's employability and mobility, and promoting technological innovation. The funding will for example reinforce exchange programmes among African universities based on the Erasmus experience and support the recognition of qualifications and the harmonisation of higher education in Africa, inspired by the EU's Bologna Process.
  3. Supporting African continental economic integration, the programme will facilitate trade and investments and the development of inter-regional infrastructure. For instance, it will support the establishment of the African Continental Free Trade Area through programmes focusing on lowering technical barriers to trade and harmonising African policies, standards and regulations, including in the digital and air transport markets.

The Pan-African Programme is the first ever EU programme in development and cooperation that covers Africa as a whole. It was adopted in 2014 for a total budget of €845 million, as a dedicated financial instrument to support the Africa-EU Partnership. The first phase of the programme 2014-2017 helped to progress on the operationalisation of the AU Human Rights system. Moreover, it played a significant role in promoting migration dialogue and in supporting the AU Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa. Through its second phase, the Pan-African Programme will continue its support to these and new projects with an added value for both the African and European continent.

Presse release: Factsheet: European Commission and African Union Commission step up their cooperation to support young people, jobs and peace

Source: European Commission

Posted by: Kerstin Wondratschek

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