Ireland: World’s First LGBTI+ National Youth Strategy launched

The Strategy is a first for Ireland and for the world and is informed by the views of thousands of young people and by those who work with them and on their behalf.

It is a three-year action-oriented Strategy and its Mission is to ensure that all LGBTI+ young people are visible, valued and included.
It guarantees a cross-governmental approach to put additional measures in place to further enhance the lives of LGBTI+ young people and address some of the key challenges they may face as part of their day-to-day lives.

The Strategy will make a significant contribution towards the Government's broader commitment to continue to strive for the full inclusion of LGBTI+ people in Irish society and to build a more inclusive Ireland.

The Strategy revolves around three main goals:

Goal 1: Create a Safe, Supportive and Inclusive Environment for LGBTI+ young people
Goal 2: Improve the Mental, Physical and Sexual Health and Wellbeing of the Entire LGBTI+ Community
Goal 3: Develop the Research and Data Environment to Better Understand the Lives of LGBTI+ Young People
15 objectives and 59 actions are contained within these goals, with the vast majority of Government Departments responsible for leading or assisting in delivering actions within the Strategy.
Actions cover a wide variety of areas such as schools, higher education institutions, health and social services, workplaces, youth services and the wider community.

Launching the Strategy, Minister Zappone said her own Department will lead the way and confirmed an annual €400,000 to improve youth services and make them more LGBTI+ aware.

The Irish LGBTI+ Youth Strategy "LGBTI+ young people: visible, valued and included" can be accessed at:

Source: Department of Children and Youth Affairs

Posted by: Katrin Schauer

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