New e-book released discussing 'Empowering marginalised Youth'

The IARS International Institute and its “Abused No More” partnership released its youth-led pan-European investigation into what matters for young people in Europe when it comes to their rights. The results are today released in the form of a free e-book titled “My Voice – My Rights: Young, Marginalised and Empowered by Law”.

The research was conducted with young people by young people in the UK, Poland, Italy, and Romania and reveals that lack of knowledge of basic rights leads to a vicious circle of further marginalisation and exclusion. Increasing legal literacy of marginalised youth through the provision of public legal education (PLE) constitutes a key empowerment tool that can facilitate integration and promote inclusion.  However, there is a substantial gap in education and training services across Europe to provide young people with basic legal skills and knowledge that will enable them to address and assert their rights when facing discrimination and abuse.

The e-book can be downloaded for free and was produced in the framework of the 3-year “Abused No More” Empowering Youth and Safeguarding Professionals” (AnM) programme. “AnM”, co-funded by Erasmus+, is the first youth–led initiative in Europe that addresses the lack of legal literacy of marginalised youth at risk of social exclusion with particular focus on those young people that face multiple and intersectional discrimination based on age, gender and ethnicity. Furthermore, the project utilising youth-led methodologies addresses gaps in education and training provision for young people marginalised people in relation to anti-discrimination.

Source: The IARS International Institute

Posted by: Kerstin Wondratschek

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