New platform: What Works for Youth Employment

Today, over 70 million youth are looking for jobs while nearly 160 million are working, yet living in poverty. Youth unemployment and decent work deficits have a significant negative influence on health, happiness, anti-social behaviour, and socio-political stability.

For most, expectations of decent work are not only about earning an income and making a livelihood. Youth see decent work as the cornerstone of their life project, the catalyst for their integration into society, and the pathway to their participation into the broader social and political arena.

That is why the ILO Youth Employment Programme has launched the What Works in Youth Employment knowledge platform, a new tool that seeks to promote decent jobs for youth through better knowledge and user-friendly resources that will entice evidence-based dialogue, action and collaboration.

The platform presents knowledge resources in areas such as
•    Economic and employment policies,
•    Skills training,
•    Entrepreneurship Promotion,
•    Subsidized Employment,
•    Employment Services, and
•    Rights for Youth

Explore the new platform: What Works in Youth Employment

Source: Blog of the International Labour Organization

Posted by: Katrin Schauer

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