Outcomes of an ILO conference on Innovations for Decent Jobs for Youth

Outcomes of an ILO conference on Innovations for Decent Jobs for Youth
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Tackling the issues of low quality jobs among young women and men and high youth unemployment rates, which are nearly three times higher than the adult unemployment rate, was the focus of a two-day conference on Innovations for Decent Jobs for Youth held on 2-3 May. Organized under the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth the event brought together a diverse group of partners to collectively address a phenomenon that affects some 66 million young people globally.

During the first day, participants, including representatives of governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations, international organizations, NGOs, and social entrepreneurs, aimed to define the future of youth employment, establish priorities for action and share good practices. Day one of the conference also served to unveil the new ILO Guide on Measuring Decent Jobs for Youth: Monitoring, evaluation and learning in labour market programmes. This guide aims to equip ILO constituents and stakeholders with a full set of concepts and tools needed to make informed decisions about how to best measure and evaluate the results of youth employment programmes.

Day two of the conference provided participants with a platform for rethinking financing for youth employment and finding new innovative approaches in the financial sector that can contribute to youth employment.

The conference concluded with a discussion on a strategy for the next steps to boost youth employment action and impact through the Decent Jobs for Youth Initiative.

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Source: International Labour Organization

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