Palestine: Youth take leadership in building new youth strategy under EU project

Palestine: Youth take leadership in building new youth strategy under EU project
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Over the course of four days, between 8 and 14 August 2016, representatives of youth, civil society and international organisations in Gaza came together for a youth strategy workshop organized by the EU-funded project NET-MED Youth, implemented by UNESCO, and the Higher Council for Youth and Sport (HCYS). The objective is that youth and experts engage, together, in a brainstorming and feedback session that will lay the foundations of the new National Youth Strategy in Palestine (2017- 2022).
The participants were able to give their feedback on the seven diverse but complementary thematic areas of the strategy: Employment, education, culture, health and environment, civic and political organisations, media and technologies, and sports and recreation. Discussions could not have been any richer.
"We need a national youth strategy that responds to our needs and aspirations and that would increase young people’s access to their rights," said Maryam Abu Alata, member of the NET-MED Youth policies working group in Gaza.
Ultimately, the goal of the strategy is to ensure youth to have the skills, resources and opportunities to succeed through quality education, access to health care, and employment – among other things.

Source: EU Neighbourhood Info Centre

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