Today is Young and Future Generations Day

Today is Young and Future Generations Day
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Young and Future Generations Day, on 3 December 2015, is a non-stop celebration of youth power and participation at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21). The day includes an Intergenerational Inquiry and other youth-led side events, workshops and activities to showcase innovative, ambitious and creative climate action taken by young people around the world. Youth leaders and high level representatives will hold discussions, giving young people a voice in the midst of this important conference.

The Intergenerational Inquiry is the highlight of the Young and Future Generations Day and provides an opportunity to engage youth delegates from around the world with key players on the intergovernmental climate change arena. The event is organized jointly by YOUNGO, the UN Joint Framework Initiative on Children, Youth and Climate Change, and the UNFCCC secretariat.

In order to channel the dynamic and engaging views and ideas of participants, ACE will organize interviews at the Climate Change Studio - a platform that provides an opportunity for participants to be interviewed briefly by a professional journalist.

Find out more about events and activities on Young and Future Generation Day at the UNFCCC website ...

Source: United Nations Climate Framework Convention on Climate Change

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