Tunisian participation in Erasmus+ to increase in 2017-2018

Tunisian participation in Erasmus+ to increase in 2017-2018
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The EU will provide additional assistance worth EUR 10 million to Tunisia under the EU-funded Erasmus+ programme to increase the numbers of exchanges of students and staff between Tunisia and Europe. Over the next two years, this funding will enable 1,200 students and higher education staff in Europe and Tunisia to study, train or teach abroad.
This comes on top of the yearly average of 640 students and staff who have already received support from the Erasmus+ annual budget for Southern Mediterranean countries, which supports Tunisia and nine other countries in the region.
The EU will also use the additional funding to step up cooperation between universities in the EU and Tunisia, through projects designed to help modernise higher education institutions and to promote direct contact between individuals. Erasmus+ will also boost cooperation between Tunisian and European youth organisations by supporting informal education activities. The EU will also support culture and creativity in Tunisia by encouraging these two sectors to participate in EU programmes such as Creative Europe.

You find more information in the press release.

Source: EU Neighbourhood Info Centre

Posted by: Kerstin Wondratschek

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