UK: Students concerned over implications of a Brexit

UK: Students concerned over implications of a Brexit
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Younger people in the UK are increasingly concerned about the implications of leaving the EU, with many saying they are not getting a clear answer from either the In or Out campaigns, according to a new survey. They feel like their generation is being overlooked in the process.

They have also listed their main concerns over leaving, with travelling around and working in Europe leading the way for being what they’re most worried about.

Top 10 worries should the UK leave the EU:

1.    Harder to travel around Europe (64%)
2.    Harder to gain work in Europe (49%)
3.    Effect on employment post-university (46%)
4.    Loss of education funding from EU grants (45%)
5.    Harder to study in Europe (41%)
6.    Rise in loans interest rates (38%)
7.    Harder for UK and European universities to collaborate (28%)
8.    European students facing higher fees in the UK (17%)
9.    Issues for EU nationals currently studying in UK (15%)
10.  Less protection for workers’ rights (13%)

Source: The Independent

Posted by: Katrin Schauer

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