Will your city be the European Volunteering Capital 2020?

Will your city be the European Volunteering Capital 2020?
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The European Volunteer Centre (CEV) launches the seventh edition of the European Volunteer Capital competition. The Call for Applications for European Volunteering Capital 2020 is now open. It aims to promote volunteering at the local level by giving recognition to municipalities that support and strengthen partnerships with volunteer centres and volunteer-involving organisations.

The award is chosen from the applicant municipalities by an international jury of experts. The experts assess the ways in which the municipality demonstrates their support to volunteers and their efforts in relation to the CEV 5R policy priorities and the EYV 2011 PAVE recommendations. How the municipality intends to engage with the European Solidarity Corps is also taken into account.

The deadline for applications is 29th June 2018.

More information on how to apply here:

Source: European Volunteer Centre

Posted by: Katrin Schauer

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