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BildImage: Marlene Resch

Marlene Resch

International experts discuss ways to prevent radicalisation: Question narratives, build networks

German and Tunisian experts met from 23 to 27 September 2019 in Germany to debate approaches towards preventing radicalisation. This international event illustrated the kind of a dialogue that is also necessary between young people in both countries for a peaceful society to evolve. [read more]

A Chinese calligraphy class at Qinxian community centre
BildImage: Tanja Rußack

Elena Neu

Chinese-German experts programme: Exploring equal living conditions and equal opportunities for young people

In Germany, creating equal living conditions for all is a highly current issue, so it makes sense to take a look at how other countries – such as China - are approaching the matter. What is the most populous country in the world doing to give young people equal access to services and support? From 24 to 28 June 2019, six German child and youth services experts travelled to Beijing and Taiyuan as part of an experts programme to learn more. [read more]

Ein Gruppenbild mit jungen Menschen
BildImage: Partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth, Brussels

Andrea Bruns | Kerstin Giebel

“More quality for learning mobility!”

This was the key goal of 60 multipliers from over 30 European countries who attended a professional youth worker seminar in Hungary. This has produced an international network of Quality Ambassadors who will promote the use of two new practical tools designed to support quality in international exchange projects. [read more]

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BildImage: Christian Herrmann

Christiane Reinholz-Asolli

Third conference on German-North African youth exchanges to take place in Casablanca

Two years after the last conference in Tunis, the members of the German, Moroccan, Tunisian and Egyptian youth exchange network will now meet again from 22 to 25 November 2019 in Casablanca, Morocco. The event has been made possible thanks to funding from the German Federal Foreign Office. Apart from discussing practices and developing new project ideas, this time participants will focus on local youth work. [read more]

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BildImage: Christian Herrmann

Christian Herrmann

The German-Greek youth BarCamp: Where friendships are made

Leipzig has been chosen as the German headquarters of the German-Greek Youth Office, so Federal Youth Minister Franziska Giffey had invited young people to come to the city for a four-day dialogue about German-Greek youth exchanges and Europe. The format chosen for this event was a youth BarCamp – which was also a great opportunity to explore Leipzig. [read more]

BildImage: Sybille Florin

Barbara Charlotte Wurster

Japan: On the way to an inclusive society

Between 11 and 26 February 2019, a group of young experts under the age of 40 visited Japan on the invitation of the Japanese Cabinet Office – the 17th such exchange. Among the group were nine German experts who work with senior citizens, young people or people with disabilities. Here, German delegation leader Barbara Wurster from the Federal Youth Ministry reports on the trip. [read more]

BildImage: Marcus Gloger

Stephanie Bindzus

Learning by Leaving Conference 2018: Shaping the future of European mobility networks

The 2018 Learning by Leaving conference brought together more than a hundred mobility experts from all over Europe who met in Cologne, Germany to share their extensive knowledge and expertise – and use their passion, creativity and great sense of humour to shape the future of European mobility networks. The key is as simple as it is effective: get to know each other, share best practices, and use existing foundations to build something new together. [read more]

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BildImage: Christian Herrmann   Lizenz: INT 4.0 – Namensnennung CC BY 4.0

Christian Herrmann

North Africa networking day: Moving the dialogue ahead

Youth exchange stakeholders in Germany, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt plan to create a stronger network and strengthen the dialogue about their activities, also at the national level. These are the main conclusions drawn by participants of the “Dialogue Me To Network” conference in Tunis in 2017. On 8 November 2018, a number of stakeholders met in Königswinter, Germany, to continue the conversation. [read more]

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