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The research database is a joint project by IJAB and Forscher-Praktiker-Dialog Internationale Jugendarbeit (FPD), a partnership between international youth work researchers and practitioners. It contains selected publications on international youth work as well as research papers and practical documents relating to educational child and youth travel projects.

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The database is continually being extended; it currently includes more than 140 selected articles from the former series "Jahrbuch für Jugendreisen und internationalen Jugendaustausch" (1960 - 2002) and "Forum Jugendarbeit International" (since 1996).

As the IJAB Researach Database is available in German only, you will be forwarded to the corresponding German pages: Forschungsdatenbank

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Dr. Dirk Hänisch

New research study proves the effect of international youth work in the context of vocational education

On 16 November 2015 in Düsseldorf, Prof. Alexander Thomas and his research team presented a new study on the effects of international youth work on the vocational education of young persons. The study suggests that the results, like those of the previous study on long-term impacts, will play a key role in raising awareness of the effects of international youth work. [read more]

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