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The joint interministerial agreement on youth policy cooperation of 18 April 1994 between the Federal Ministry for Women and Youth (today the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth - BMFSFJ) and the Directorate-General for Youth and Sport of the Republic of Turkey (today part of the Ministry of Youth and Sports) is currently the basis for youth policy cooperation between Germany and Turkey.

Every year these two partners jointly organise a German-Turkish Expert Committee Meeting, during which the activities of the previous year are evaluated and shared priority areas and major expert exchange programmes for the following year are agreed. The outcomes of these meetings are documented in a joint set of minutes (protocol).

IJAB has worked with Turkey on expert exchange programmes on a variety of subjects since 1997. For example

>> Public relations and new media in the youth work field (Bonn, Eskisehir).

>> Germany and Turkey - Youth Work in Dialogue, (Berlin, Ankara)

Background information

>> Country information on Turkey: www.DIJA.de, a website run by IJAB, offers general and youth policy-related information on currently 18 countries.

>> IJAB-Special "Turkey. On the road towards a National Youth Policy"

>> Protocol of the German-Turkish Expert Committee Meeting 2014

>> Guidelines for German-Turkish youth exchanges

>> Glossary of child and youth services terms: German - Turkish

Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer von "New Narratives" reden miteinander.
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Christian Herrmann

German-Turkish exchanges in diverse and polarised societies

Given the recent political turbulence, do youth exchanges between Germany and Turkey still have a future? The conference “Different Views – New Narratives”, which took place on 25-28 June 2018 in Berlin, concluded that indeed they do. The event was an opportunity for an open dialogue and for partnership-building between civil society groups from both countries. [read more]

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Christian Herrmann

Youth and expert exchanges with Turkey are more important than ever

German-Turkish relations have been fairly turbulent in recent months. What has this meant for youth exchanges between Germany and Turkey? In late September, representatives of youth exchange organisations travelled to Alanya in Turkey to attend a German-Turkish partners’ fair – a good opportunity to discuss the state of play. We asked Christiane Reinholz-Asolli, IJAB’s Programme Associate for Turkey, to share her opinions with us. [read more]

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