Aktionsbündnis Anerkennung International

The "Aktionsbündnis Anerkennung International" ["Action Alliance for Recognition"] aims to promote the recognition in society of skills acquisition through European and international youth work activities, and to forge an alliance of various actors from civil society, social partners, educational institutions, the federal and Länder governments and local authorities, education and youth policymakers and the private sector.

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The Aktionsbündnis Anerkennung International is designed as a platform for a dialogue and exchange between stakeholders that engage in various activities in a number of settings, giving public visibility to the potential of European and international youth work for young people and society at large. The initiative is supported by JUGEND für Europa.

The point of departure for the Alliance’s work is its Declaration:

International and European youth work offers a space for young people to learn, interact and engage in a dialogue with their peers from other countries. This experience encourages the development of key skills, an appreciation of diversity, and solidarity and tolerance across national borders. The defining characteristics of international youth work measures are their voluntary nature and the extensive freedom participants have to shape the activities, which are offered within an educational framework. Through this approach, international youth work promotes young people’s participation in society, youth policy development and community life and makes a valuable contribution to social development.

Weltzeituhr am Alexanderplatz, Berlin
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Anne Sorge-Farner

International conference promotes recognition of international youth work

How can international youth exchanges be given greater visibility and their significance for young people and society communicated more effectively? Public relations and lobbying offer opportunities, as well as the professional development of international exchange does. An international conference will be held in Berlin on 23 October to highlight both aspects. Register now! [read more]

Mehrere Personen sitzen in einer Reihe und hören aufmerksam zu.
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Christian Herrmann

Aktionsbündnis Anerkennung International: The first step has been taken

International youth work “works” – however, there is no mechanism in place for recognising what young people learn during their stay abroad and allowing them to sell their achievements in formal education contexts. Could an Action Alliance for Recognition change that? If so, what would it have to do? On 1 and 2 March 2016, around 50 experts in formal and non-formal education met in Berlin to find answers to these questions. [read more]

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