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"Innovationsforum Jugend Global" (Innovations Forum Global Youth) Started Work On New Product Ideas

"Innovationsforum Jugend global" is a combination of on- and offline discussions for identifying issues appertaining to qualification and advancement in international youth work. On 1 and 2 October, those who had been involved in online discussions came together in Cologne to select from amongst the three highest-rated proposals those they felt were the most promising, with a view to developing them further.

Enthusiastic discussions at the "Jugend global" colloquium in Cologne on 1 and 2 October
Enthusiastic discussions at the "Jugend global" colloquium in Cologne on 1 and 2 October BildImage: Christian Herrmann   Lizenz: INT 3.0 – Namensnennung – nicht kommerziell CC BY-NC 3.0

Seven issues had been submitted for discussion at the Innovations Forum during the past few months and the online users had cast the most votes for the following three: the development of a range of cross-organisational qualifications, the removal of language barriers in inclusive international youth work, and the development of artistic and creative methods in inter-religious dialogue. The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth is providing funds for IJAB to further develop one or two of the favourite issues into a finished product. The question to be answered at the "Jugend global" seminar on 1 and 2 October was: Which ideas should be developed further?

Kerstin Giebel (IJAB) introduced the results of a survey carried out among the youth work professionals of the "Grenzüberschreitende Lernmobilität ermöglichen" (Enabling Cross-Border Learning Mobility) pilot scheme, from which she deduced a demand for a range of cross-organisational qualifications. Daniel Wunderer, director of the "Kreisau-Initiative", described the language barriers experienced in inclusive youth meetings and focused specifically on language animation as a suitable approach. Anja Gebel, director of "14 km e.V.", provided an insight into a planned youth exchange with Egypt, which has the intention of trialling new methods of inter-religious dialogue. All three issues would justify further development into a finished product. "The fact that we'll concentrate on one or two issues to begin with doesn't mean that the remainder has been taken off the agenda," Kerstin Giebel emphasized in her presentation.

The majority of participants felt that the development of cross-organisational qualifications and language animation in inclusive projects were the most important issues for the future. Initial ideas were collated in two workshops, with further development workshops being planned for the autumn. Proposed were: advanced training sessions for trainers in inclusive youth meetings plus a collection of core texts on the subject of language animation and inclusion; a seminar for the managers of organisations and associations prepared to confront the challenges of internationalization and the qualifications they require, including the exemplary guidance of an organisation; and an online tool for registering training needs and networking between organisations.

Lizenz: INT 3.0 – Namensnennung – nicht kommerziell CC BY-NC 3.0

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