VISION:INCLUSiON is all about exploring ways to ensure that young people with a disability can take part in international youth work activities just like everyone else. Between 2015 and 2017, representatives of the international youth work community and disability organisations, researchers and administrators worked to develop an inclusion strategy specifically for international youth work. Over the coming years, this strategy will be evolved together with international partners.

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All individuals have a right to social participation and education. For this reason, young people with and without a disability should have equal access to international projects and exchanges. However, since youth work organisations and young people with disabilities alike still face many obstacles in this regard, the project VISION:INKLUSiON was established and implemented between 2015 and 2017. International youth work organisations, experts and young people with disabilities joined forces to build a strategy to provide organisations with practical guidance as they develop their own inclusive international youth work activities.

Starting in 2018, the outcome of the project , which is known as VISION:INCLUSiON to refelct its international charakter, will be developed further for application at the international level. Specifically, the new iteration of VISION:INCLUSiON will focus on developing training concepts and supporting organisations in building international partnerships. An even greater emphasis will be given to the voice of those who stand to benefit from these efforts: young people with disabilities, and disability community organisations.

The project seeks to achieve the following:

  • Strengthening the international dimension – by making the strategy more international.
  • Promoting implementation – by assisting organisations in developing inclusive international youth work activities.
  • Increasing participation – by encouraging more young people, disabled and able-bodied, to participate.

To this end, organisations and experts will join working groups and attend conferences to develop concepts and instruments designed to facilitate inclusive international youth work and increase the quality of activities. Particular attention will be paid to training and partnership-building. Finally, the project will identify existing good practices and create new ones.

The concerns and needs of the young target group will be accounted for thanks to their participation in the expert group and involvement in new formats, such as an international youth barcamp.

Mehrere behinderte und nicht-behinderte Menschen reden miteinander.
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Christian Herrmann

VISION:INCLUSiON discusses inclusion on international level

How can international youth work become inclusive? The IJAB project VISION:INCLUSiON will further develop possible answers in an international context. Interested organisations will have the opportunity to intensify the exchange during a conference and a match-making seminar at the end of November. Registration is now open! [read more]

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Ulrike Werner

Everyone’s invited! Successful inclusion in international youth work

Last summer, Lisa took part in an international exchange in the Czech Republic. Not very exciting, you say? Actually it is, because Lisa is deaf and inclusive youth exchanges are still quite a rarity. The inclusion strategy for international youth work – recently published by IJAB – is designed to change that. [read more]

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Cathrin Piesche

Inclusion in international youth work: Cooperate – even if the road is bumpy!

What needs to happen so that international youth work and learning mobility programmes become accessible for all young people, including those with a disability or impairment? At the international conference of the IJAB project VISION:INKLUSION on 21-22 September 2016 in Mainz, Germany, participants gathered to find an answer to this question. The group comprised 60 international youth work experts, representatives of disability and community organisations, researchers, members of associations, policymakers and practitioners from Japan, Tunisia, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey, Iceland, Serbia, France, Ukraine and Germany. [read more]

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Ulrike Werner

International Symposium seeks to develop an Inclusion Strategy for International Youth Work

How can international youth work (IYW) activities and learning mobility be made accessible for all young people, including those with disabilities? The IJAB project VISION:INKLUSION seeks to answer that question and invites to an international symposium from 21-22 September 2016 in Mainz, Germany. [read more]

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