Frank Beckmann

Information, research, networking: A new look for the child and youth welfare community portal

Fachkräfteportal, the information, communication and networking resource, has been given a facelift just in time for its tenth anniversary. With a new, user-friendlier design and improved structure, the portal now offers an even better overview of current issues and developments in the field. The project entered funding period number three back in early 2015 and a new team came on board the following summer. [read more]

BildImage: IJAB/Hänisch

Celebrating 20 years of eurodesk Germany: More than 500,000 young people advised on going abroad

This year, eurodesk Germany looks back on 20 years of advising young people on mobility opportunities abroad – reason enough to reflect on its successes and take a look ahead at things to come. In an interview with, the eurodesk team talk about what kind of advice and information they provide, the quality of their services and other prospects on the horizon. [read more]

Mehrere Personen sitzen in einer Reihe und hören aufmerksam zu.
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Christian Herrmann

Aktionsbündnis Anerkennung International: The first step has been taken

International youth work “works” – however, there is no mechanism in place for recognising what young people learn during their stay abroad and allowing them to sell their achievements in formal education contexts. Could an Action Alliance for Recognition change that? If so, what would it have to do? On 1 and 2 March 2016, around 50 experts in formal and non-formal education met in Berlin to find answers to these questions. [read more]

Evaldas Rupkus

OPIN: Letting young people have a say!

How to get more youngsters actively involved in political decision-making and increase their trust in political institutions? The answer is: OPIN! Less than a year after commencing its work, the European innovation project “EUth – Tools and Tips for Mobile and Digital Youth Participation in and across Europe” launches the first version of its unprecedented youth eParticipation toolbox “OPIN”. [read more]

from left: Dr. Herbert Wiedermann (Vice-Chairman), Marie-Luise Dreber (Director), Martin Schönwandt (Vice-Chairman) and Lothar Harles (Chairman)
BildImage: Christian Herrmann

Dr. Dirk Hänisch

IJAB Members’ Assembly discusses UN sustainability goals

On 8 December 2015 IJAB’s member organisations congregated in Bonn for the Members’ Assembly. One of the main points of discussion was the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically its significance for international youth work and youth policy cooperation. The Assembly also elected a new Management Board for IJAB. [read more]

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Daniel Poli

European projects for online participation link up

The international seminar #BePart on the topic of e-participation for young people took place from 19 to 22 November 2015 in Brussels. The purpose was to share the findings and experiences gathered during the multilateral cooperation project “youthpart”, which was carried out by IJAB from 2011 to 2013. Further exchanges and meetings are already being planned. [read more]

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Christian Herrmann

Youth exchange schemes with North Africa need stability, sustainability and long-term prospects

Around 40 international youth work experts from Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and Germany convened in Bonn from 28 to 30 November 2015 to review the progress of the joint projects begun as part of the “transformation partnerships” initiated by the Federal Foreign Office. At the conference, they shared their experiences and made proposals for the future course of the youth and expert exchange schemes between Germany and North Africa. [read more]

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Dr. Dirk Hänisch

New research study proves the effect of international youth work in the context of vocational education

On 16 November 2015 in Düsseldorf, Prof. Alexander Thomas and his research team presented a new study on the effects of international youth work on the vocational education of young persons. The study suggests that the results, like those of the previous study on long-term impacts, will play a key role in raising awareness of the effects of international youth work. [read more]

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