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Project website now online

The website of IJAB’s VISION:INKLUSION project and a new Facebook group on inclusion have just gone online. Interested parties are welcome to join the discussion on the Facebook group as well as to add their own projects to the virtual map and the collection of good practices on the website.

VISION:INKLUSION, which is set to run until 2017, will develop a shared inclusion strategy for the international youth work community. The core question in this context is how to enable young people with disabilities to participate in international youth work activities as a matter of fact. The project will give greater visibility to inclusive approaches in international youth work and help create a stronger network between the various parties. The project website at plays a major role in this regard. It will document the project as it progresses, showcase the results that have been achieved, and encourage other committed organisations and stakeholders working in the international youth work field to launch their own inclusive projects and activities. For this purpose, the website incorporates a platform giving organisations, associations and clubs an opportunity to add their projects to a virtual map, where they can be found by interested users. The website also offers a section on inclusive good practices with a collection of proven approaches, methods, materials, literature and links.

To coincide with the website launch, the project has just set up an open Facebook group named VISION:INKLUSION to encourage networking, cooperation and an expert dialogue on inclusion and international youth work.

Interested individuals are warmly invited to join the Facebook group, register on the virtual map, and share their good practices on the website.

Contact: Ulrike Werner, tel. +49 (0)228 9506-230 or Christoph Bruners, tel. +49 (0)228 9506-120, e-mail:

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