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Save the Date: VISION:INCLUSiON – Shaping Inclusive International Youth Work

The Inclusion Strategy for International Youth Work, developed by the IJAB project VISION:INKLUSiON between 2015 and 2017, now stands to be implemented, evolved and internationalised between now and early 2020.

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To this end, the follow-up project VISION:INCLUSiON was launched at the beginning of this year. The main focus of the current project phase is on developing training concepts and encouraging cooperation through international partnerships. The organisers seek to give an even stronger voice to those concerned – young people and organisations that represent the interests of people with disabilities – as well as an opportunity to contribute their own ideas.

The VISION:INCLUSiON International Kick-off Conference will take place in Berlin from 29 to 30 November. At this event, we intend to examine the current debate on inclusion from various national and international angles. We will also start working on the main topics of the project. Simultaneous interpretation into German and English as well as into sign language will be provided.

During the subsequent International Match-Making Seminar from 30 November to 1 December, interested organisations will have the opportunity to engage in a deeper debate and find cooperation partners for inclusive youth meetings or expert exchanges. With the support of an international team, participants shall agree on joint exchange activities in as concrete terms as possible. A precondition for taking part in the International Match-Making Seminar is the participation in the preceding International Kick-off Conference.

International Kick-off Conference    
Hotel Grenzfall, Berlin/Germany, 29 - 30 November 2018

International Match-Making Seminar
Hotel Grenzfall, Berlin/Germany, 30 November - 1 December 2018

Both events are addressed at young people, (international) youth work experts, and members of organisations that represent the interests of people with disabilities and persons working in disability services.


Contact: Ulrike Werner, Christoph Bruners, Claudia Mierzowski; vision-inclusion@DontReadMeijab.de

Website: www.vision-inclusion.de

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