Information for Experts
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Fachkräfteportal is an information, cooperation and communication platform for experts working in child and youth services. It provides a transparent overview of the many online sources of information available to experts, and outlines current youth policy debates.

BildImage: Joerg Lantelme -, an information portal, is aimed at international youth work experts and multipliers and at those who wish to join that community. offers a broad range of information and practical tips for international exchanges and activities. makes international youth work projects easy!

European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy.
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The European Knowledge Centre for Youth Policy is an online project run jointly by the European Commission and the Council of Europe that offers up-to-date information on youth and youth policy in Europe. This information is compiled and researched by correspondents working in the Member States. Germany is represented in this network through IJAB.

Youth Wiki.
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The Youth Wiki is an online encyclopaedia on youth policy in the EU Member States. Germany is represented in the Youth Wiki network by IJAB, the International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Youth Wiki will go live in 2017.

Expert Reports.
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IJAB monitors the developments taking place in international youth work and youth policy. Its observations are published on websites such as the Fachkräfteportal for child and youth services workers, and as well as in the form of expert reports aimed at policymakers, administrative bodies and other specialist audiences.

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