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Information, research, networking: A new look for the child and youth welfare community portal

Fachkräfteportal, the information, communication and networking resource, has been given a facelift just in time for its tenth anniversary. With a new, user-friendlier design and improved structure, the portal now offers an even better overview of current issues and developments in the field. The project entered funding period number three back in early 2015 and a new team came on board the following summer.

The child and youth services community portal, known as Fachkräfteportal, is the most comprehensive and successful platform of its kind. For the last ten years, has provided up-to-the-minute, ad-free information on the latest developments and news in the child and youth welfare field and related areas to experts and interested members of the public.

Technically refined – more user-friendly

The portal has been given a complete technical redesign, giving users even faster, more direct access to the wealth of information on the site. Thanks to a restructured start page and a vastly expanded navigation concept, the site is now much easier to explore. Users accessing the site via mobile devices will find it considerably improved, too.

The portal's comprehensive materials collections, event listings and database of projects and institutions have been placed more prominently at the centre of the site. Contextual and editorial information is linked via the “Info-Pool”, making researching the site easier than ever.

An improved search function provides rapid, easy access to the complex information held by the portal. Geodata has been integrated so search results can be prioritised by region - a particularly useful function when it comes to researching vacancies, for which the portal is a very popular resource.

The site was relocated to a new server and the editorial software updated back in autumn 2015.

Communication channel for partner organisations

The editorial sections have been completely redesigned, providing even greater ease of use for the currently over 150 partner organisations. An agreement is in place with child and youth welfare organisations which can use the portal as a communication channel to share their information with the wider public.

The redesign of the portal is the most comprehensive technical update since the last relaunch in 2011. It comes in response to the rapid development of online information resources and reflects the state of the art in website design

New team advises on specific subjects

Besides the technical revamp, the portal has also been restructured to reflect the priorities of the new funding period. Besides covering the latest debates and developments in these priority areas and in child and youth services in general, it reports on ongoing projects, special events and youth policy strategies, such as the implementation of the independent youth policy and its link to the EU Youth Strategy. Also, the content has been given an even more international outlook. The editorial information centres on asylum- and refugee-related issues.

The new editorial team was installed in the summer of 2015. Dr Anneli Starzinger and Christian Herrmann, who had managed the project for over a decade, handed over the reins to Frank Beckmann and Svenja Schumacher, who are assisted by existing team member Astrid Bache, in spring 2015. Kerstin Boller and Nadine Heßdörfer from the Child and Youth Welfare Association (AGJ) complete the team


Fachkräfteportal, a service for the child and youth welfare community, is a joint project by the International Youth Service of the Federal Republic of Germany (IJAB) and the Child and Youth Welfare Association (AGJ). It receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) and the association of youth and family authorities of the Länder (AGJF).

The information, cooperation and communication platform was launched in 2006 and is the most comprehensive resource of its kind. Today, around 45,000 users access the site every month. More than 5,500 subscribers have signed up to the newsletter. The Fachkräfteportal Facebook page has been liked by more 7,800 users, and its Twitter account has around 4,100 followers.

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