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Third conference on German-North African youth exchanges to take place in Casablanca

Two years after the last conference in Tunis, the members of the German, Moroccan, Tunisian and Egyptian youth exchange network will now meet again from 22 to 25 November 2019 in Casablanca, Morocco. The event has been made possible thanks to funding from the German Federal Foreign Office. Apart from discussing practices and developing new project ideas, this time participants will focus on local youth work.

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Since the dawn of the Arab Spring, the number of youth exchanges between Germany, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt has increased significantly and an active network of partners has emerged. A regular dialogue between youth organisations both at the national and international level have also contributed to this success story. Held annually since 2015, the network meetings are an opportunity for partners to learn about the latest developments, discuss pressing issues, share successful case studies and develop new project ideas.

An active contribution of the younger generation to peace processes, sustainable development and social justice is critical to the future of North African and European countries alike. Opportunities for social participation and effective participatory structures are essential prerequisites for this, along with appropriate learning environments and models that can be replicated elsewhere. Young people have to see for themselves how, and that, democratic processes can work. International youth exchanges with qualified educational guidance provide the ideal environment for such experiences.

International youth exchanges are fun, they build confidence and promote young people’s self-development. They enable them to discover their own abilities, explore new opportunities and see themselves as active players in a global world. As a consequence, exchanges play a crucial part in strengthening civil society and democratic youth structures.

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Abeer Elshahat

Why you don't include entrepreneurs as vitual impact on local youth work nowadays?

Anass Mountassir

Great opportunity

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