Promoting Mobility and Youth Information
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Eurodesk is an information network spanning 33 European countries. Eurodesk Germany compiles information for young people all about going abroad and participating in international exchanges. The team provides neutral, free advice to all interested young people.

Kommune goes International.
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The Kommune goes International (KGI) network aims to strengthen international youth work at the local level and put it on a strong, long-term footing. IJAB uses the network to support local authorities that plan to introduce new or strengthen existing political processes to this end, providing them with a wide range of advisory services, networking assistance, training and information.

Digital Youth Education and Participation
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The WebDays project is designed to encourage young people to think about digitalisation, consumer protection, media education and internet policy, develop their own opinions, and make their voices heard at the political level.

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The aim of EUth is to get more young people involved in political decision-making and increase youth trust in European political institutions. This will on the one hand be achieved by developing technical support: an open and easy-to-use online participation platform along with different mobile tools and apps for smartphones and tablets.
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How can digital participation encourage young people to participate in society and in political life? The project is about to launch an online platform offering relevant information and tools.

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