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Eurodesk Europe: advice and discussion on the parameters of future work

The Eurodesk Europe Network meeting took place in Riccione, Italy, from 6 to 9 November 2014 and, 10 months after the start of the European Erasmus+ Programme, decided on the parameters for the coming years. The Eurodesk Network is an information and advisory structure in the field of youth mobility, funded by Erasmus+. The Eurodesk General Assembly was held at the same time.

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Over the first two days, all partners were brought up to date on the latest developments concerning new services and general conditions In workshops, the views of the national Eurodesk Centres were collated and discussed. Of particular importance were the redesign of the Eurodesk website, the internal communications software, the training and qualification programme, and the setting up of a Last-Minute-Exchange for youth meetings, comparable to the service offered by and the European Youth Portal/a>.

Astrid Brey and Graeme Robertson of the EU Directorate General Education and Culture gave an update on the latest European Commission changes and plans, and took questions from the floor. One of the important events of 2015 will be the European Youth Week, expected to take place late April to early May 2015.

Valentina Cuzzocrea of Cagliari University, and Leonardo Evangelista, an independent consultant, provided important suggestions for the debate on "motility versus mobility in the guidance of young people" at Eurodesk. The debate and associated projects will help expand the range and qualification of Eurodesk services. "Guidance" will be set up and implemented as a service to be offered in the host countries (for youth exchange programmes) alongside information and advisory services. The aim is to create a "culture of welcome".

The second evening focused on the official presentation of the Eurodesk Principles. These represent the network's professional criteria and are based on the ethical considerations set out in the European Youth Information Charter (

Eurodesk General Assembly

The General Assembly of Eurodesk aisbl (international non-profit organisation under Belgian law) took place on 8 November 2014. Adopted were the President's Report and reports by the Executive Committee and the Brussels Coordination Office (Eurodesk Brussels Link) as well as the strategic task plan and the budget.

Voting for the new Executive Committee was a highlight of this General Assembly. The Executive Committee has a two-year term of office. Those voted into the new Executive Committee were Claire Conlon (France), Giovanni Macchioni (Italy), Natalia Diaz Santin (Spain), Reinhard Schwalbach (Germany), and Sofie van Zeebrock (Belgium-Flanders). Reinhard Schwalbach was re-elected Eurodesk President and, during the closing session, thanked Paola Trifoni (head of the Italian Erasmus+/Youth in Action National Agency) and Ramon Magi (head of Eurodesk Italy) for the invitation to Riccione and the excellent organisation and management of the event.

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