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Eurodesk Spain: Evaluation and planning – ready for 2015!

From 19 to 21 November 2014, the Spanish Eurodesk network met at CEULAJ (the Euro-Latin American Centre for Youth) in Molina. CEULAJ is the central residential training centre for young people of INJUVE, the Spanish Youth Institute. Eurodesk innovations and plans for 2015 were introduced and there was critical discussion of last year's work.

The Spanish Eurodesk network is one of the most active networks within the European Eurodesk family. In the activity ranking of the European Youth Portal (EYP), the Spanish contribution is always within the top three. In this meeting, new as well as old local and regional partners of the expanding network introduced themselves by presenting examples of best practice and an exchange of useful ideas.

With the Spanish Eurodesk network's high level of activity, it is not surprising that local and regional network partners demanded to have more of a say in the development of the strategic task plan and would like to see greater transparency in decision-making processes as well as improvements in financial resources.

High youth unemployment was a reason for Spain's intense interest in the national implementation of the Youth Guarantee. Delegates from the local Eurodesk partner organisations asked for more commitment from both the state and the EU on this subject.

INJUVE and Eurodesk Spain greatly support the campaigns of the Council of Europe's youth programmes. On display everywhere was the symbol of the current "NO HATE SPEECH" movement, a bright-red heart with the legend NO HATE. This young people's campaign for human rights is aimed specifically at intolerance on the Internet.

During the annual Eurodesk review, criticism was focused on the flagship project EYP (European Youth Portal). The delegates asked for a Europe-wide interim appraisal of this project and pressed for technical improvements and the necessary evaluations in respect of content and statistics.

The President of the European Network, Reinhard Schwalbach, was ready to answer questions about developments since the introduction of the new ERASMUS+ generation of programmes and the negotiations about Eurodesk's role within them. The Spanish partners asked the president to give some consideration to their request for greater involvement of local partners in the decision-making processes. They gratefully acknowledged the many new impulses generated within the European network and the transparency shown in connection with the work and tasks of the Brussels Coordination Office (Eurodesk Brussels Link) and the Eurodesk Executive Committee (EEC), where Spain has been represented since the beginning of November 2014 by Natalia Diaz (INJUVE).

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